Patrick Roemer

Fly your project! Solo (flight) or with a crew on a commercial airplane, short touch-and-goes or long-range: I'll go with you some parts of it by using all my experiences being a flight captain, coach, teacher and further more! So let's start with the flight preparation and continue to get the plane of your choice ready. Let's start the engine(s), taxi to the take-off position and be prepared for the acceleration! If V1 is achieved  and everything is fine continue, lift-off your project to the perfect flight level, pass the point of no-return and clever adapt the speed and routing while approacing your destination. Don't forget the landing gear before touchdown! And than: Enjoy the arrival! It's yours! I'll simply support you.

So, don't hesitate but contact me for furher details! I'll be your 'training captain'!  And finally continue your flights round the world ;-)