Patrick Roemer

Born 1966 in Munich/ Germany I went through many experiences. They reach from my birth place to different cities and countries and 'back to the roots' while being a cab driver, flight captain on a commercial jet airplane, naturopathic doctor, PE teacher in a special school, being happely married and divorced with all its consequences so being single and dad. Accordingly my emotional, social end ethical pool of experience spreads on one hand from being deeply happy, even experiencing total release of suffering and death as well as enlightments due to meditation. On the other hand I lived also appearing fears with panic attacks, traumas and depressions from being unemployed and almost bankrupt. So, yes, widely spread experiences are MY wealth ;-)

Now, today I'll wrapp all this into an offer for I-You-We-All. Either a single person, a group of interested project managers or companies up to humanity: I'll cover it with simplicity. Each one of these follows sometimes totally different, even contradicting aspects and rules. However, it's YOU that tells me what and where your vision is. By using the simple method of making clear, even lucid I'm able to adapt and create an according 'flight'.

Be curious, ask and be READY FOR TAKE-OFF! Learn how to fly and to land your life, your project, your being! Yes, flights can be rough and some landings are really difficult. However, to fly is still very safe while sitting warm and dry in your 'plane'!